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  • Publication Date: December 31, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1054124-A


1,054,124. Topical compositions for treating skin disorders. UPJOHN CO. March 13, 1964 No. 10775/64. Heading A5B. Pharmaceutical compositions for topical application comprise, as active ingredients, pharmaceutical sulphur, neomycin, a non-toxic aluminium salt, and a topical anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid or flavonoid, together with an appropriate non-toxic carrier. Pharmaceutical sulphur includes, for example, precipitated, sublimed, or washed sulphur, preferably of colloidal particle size, and is suitably combined with a protective gum such as acacia (for example, the material "Sulphidal". which is colloidal sulphur with 20% acacia gum). The term neomycin includes the usual acid addition salts or the free base. The aluminium salt is a salt known to have non- toxic astringent properties, such as the sulphate, chloride, phosphate, phenolsulphonate, basic chloride, the chlorhydroxy ethylate or sodium aluminium chlorhydroxy lactate, suitable glucocorticoids are dexamethasone; fludrocortisone acetate; fluorometholone, hydrocortamate hydrochloride; hydrocortisone or its acetate; methyl prednisolone acetate; prednisolone or its sodium phosphate salt ; and triamcinolone acetonide. Suitable flavonoids are flavone; flavonone; 2,3-di-hrydroxyflavone; 3-hydroxyflavone; 4,5-di-hydroxyflavone; 3-methoxyflavone; and 3,5,7- triacetoxyflavone. Examples are given for the preparation of (1) a lotion; (2) a cosmetic cake; (3) a cream; (4) an aqueous dispersion. The fluid compositions may also be applied by spraying, e.g. as an aerosol with a suitable propellant. Other ingredients that may be present are surfactants, preservatives, suspending agents and emulsifiers, ethanol, sorbutol, glycerol, glycols, spermaceti or other waxes, scent or perfume, and pigments. The compositions are useful for treatment of skin disorders such as acne.




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