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  • Publication Date: December 31, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1052732-A


1,052,732. Print wheel assembly. VEEDER INDUSTRIES Inc. Feb. 5, 1965 [Feb. 18, 1964], No. 5167/65. Heading B6F. A print wheel assembly comprises a frame 4, Fig. 1 (not shown), made of moulded plastic, a shaft 14, Fig. 2 (also not shown), having a flat axial surface 20 and a plurality of axially aligned integral pawls 40 spring outwardly to engage recesses 52 on the inside of print wheels 2. The shaft has reduced ends 12 which are fitted into openings 10 in the frame by flexing the frame. The uprights 8 of the frame 4 are chamfered at 61 to assist the assembly. The wheels are set by hand with aid of recesses 24 and the shape of the detent 42 of the pawl 40 wherein edge 44 is less steep than edge 46 permits easier rotation in an advance rotation as required on date stamps.




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