Clamping device for thin printing plates


1,049,194. Printing-surfaces. MASCHINENFABRIK WINKLER, FALLERT & CO. A.G. May 28, 1963 [June 5, 1962], No. 21231/63. Heading B6C. A thin printing plate 2 located on a removable base member 5 is clamped at one end in position on a cylinder 1 by a plurality of adjustable hooks 6 which are connected with displaceable slides 7 and engage holes 3 in the plate in such a manner that they project approximately as far as the surface of the plate. Each hook 6 is moved on rotation of a screw which is arranged in a cross-piece 9 and screwed into its slide 7 which is guided by a groove, Fig. 7 (not shown). The other end of the plate is rigidly connected to the member 5 by screws, Fig. 1 (not shown). The assembly of the thin plate 2 and its base member 5 may be used on the cylinder 1 in place of a stereotype plate. To avoid printing by the ends of particularly thin plates or by the hooks the base plate may be partially cut away at one end, Fig. 5 (not shown), so that the end of the plate is bent inwardly.




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