An Improved Machine for Setting and Stropping Safety and other Razor Blades.


104,562. Smith, A. W. March 21, 1916. Stropping-apparatus for razors comprises a single rotatable stropping-drum 12 of a length substantially equal to that of the blade to be treated, a driving-pulley 22 on the drum, a substantially smaller pulley on each of one or more rotatable bladeholders, and a reciprocatable band or cord 24 engaged with the pulleys to rotate them. As shown in Fig. 1, the blades 18 are in contact with the drum in the positions they occupy when stropping is effected by a pull on the left-hand end of the cord, which is so wound that the drum always turns in a direction away from the blade edges under treatment. If then the right-hand end of the cord is pulled, the pulleys 25 are turned and the blades carried round quickly to bring opposite edges against the drum, which is then also rotated in the opposite direction. The drum is mounted on a fixed spindle 10 and retained by a cross-bar or frame member 7, which is secured by nuts 8, 9 so that the bar and the drum can be readily removed. For imparting a slight endlong movement to the drum during its rotation, it is mounted by a screw-thread upon the fixed spindle, projections 29 formed upon the drum and pulley or washers mounted on the spindle being provided to prevent jamming of the end face of the drum or of the pulley against the cross-bar 7 or the frame 1. Each blade-holder comprises a plate rotatably mounted on a fixed spindle and carrying a pulley 25, the blade being held between this plate and a slide 19 which is introduced under and retained in position by, end clips on the plate. An extension 20 serves as a finger-grip for withdrawing the slide. Several drums with a variety of stropping-surfaces may be supplied with the machine.




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