Improvements in or relating to lighter mechanisms

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Rogers Inc
  • Publication Date: October 12, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1045587-A


1,045,587. Smokers' lighters. ROGERS Inc. June 24, 1963 [May 23, 1963], No. 25070/63. Heading F4F. The reservoir 13 of a gas-fuelled lighter is fitted with a double valve 50 having an inlet passage 58 and an exhaust passage 59 closed by valve members 62 and 63 respectively, and a vessel 79 for refilling the reservoir, Fig. 4 (not shown), has prongs 74 and 73 adapted to open the two valve members against the action of springs 60 and 61. The liquid gas enters the reservoir through a hole 66 in the valve member 62. The valve members and springs are enclosed in a divided plug 54 screwed into the base 12 of the lighter casing. Gas/enters a burner 20 via the bottom end of a plug 17 screwed into the top 11 of the lighter casing, and passes through a porous plug 23 before reaching an opening 26 blocked by a seal 27 mounted at the end of a needle 28. The seal is held in place by a spring 31 attached to the lighter cover 30 abutting the top end of the needle when in the closed position. The seal is freed upon pivoting open the cover about the end of a spring 32 by means of a rod 34. The flame height is varied by rotating a wheel 40 splined on to the top end of a tubular member 42 which is threaded into the plug 17 and compresses the porous plug by means of a member 25. Rough adjustment of the flame height may be made before the wheel 40 is fitted and fine adjustment made after it is fitted between limits set by the ends of a slot 41 formed in the wheel 40 contacting a screw 35 which passes through the slot, Fig. 6 (not shown). The screw 35 also attaches the spring 32 to the top of the lighter casing.




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