Improvements relating to apparatus for treating cardboard and like materials


1,042,985. Creasing. DERITEND ENGINEERING CO. Ltd. Dec. 21, 1964 [Dec. 21, 1963], No. 50587/63. Heading B6J. [Also in Division B4] Apparatus for slotting cardboard &c. comprises two co-operating sets of rolls 11, 13, each having at least one set of slotting apparatus and arranged so that a continuous slot 22, Fig. 2, may be produced by co-operation of the two sets. As described, the apparatus further comprises two pairs of bar bending means 10, 12, each pair being provided with angularlyadjustable creasing tools 16, 17 which are adjustable synchronously to vary the spacing of transverse creases 18 in a blank 19. Each slotter has two sets of angularly and lengthwise adjustable slotting knives, viz. male knives 20 and corresponding female knives (not shown). In operation, creases may be formed spaced by a distance greater than half the roll circumference, by forming one crease with one roll pair 10 and the next with the other pair 12. The machines may also produce small blanks in pairs, with the first crease on each blank formed by the benders of the first roll pair and the second crease by the other roll pair. The two blanks are then severed, as along line 23, Fig. 2, by a transverse cutter pair 14.




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