Improvements in temperature responsive control arrangements


1,040,799. Thermal switches. BEHRTHOMSON DEHNSTOFFREGLER G.m.b.H. Aug. 27, 1964 [Sept. 6, 1963], No. 35194/64. Heading H2B. A thermal switch comprises a temperaturesensitive capsule 6 which moves a cam 20, 4 rectilinearly to actuate an electric switch 1, e.g. a microswitch which is spaced radially from the path of movement of the cam. The cam has a frusto-conical or pyramid section 20 and a cylindrical section 4 and the arrangement is such that the switch 1 cannot be harmed by overtravel of the capsule 6. The capsule is mounted in a support 5 which carries a housing 3 for the cam and its return spring 2. The microswitch or microswitches is or are vertically adjustable between two radial mounting cheeks. Each microswitch is actuated through a pivoted member 13<SP>1</SP> which projects through an aperture in housing 3. Further microswitches may be mounted in additional pairs of cheeks spaced around the housing. The housing 3 is angularly adjustable relative to support 5 and is retained in position by set screws 7. The purpose of the adjustment is to bring the microswitch into engagement with a different cam surface of the cam and also to make wiring easier. The housing 3 may be rotated by a timer acting through a toothed wheel, so that the microswitches are brought into engagement with different surfaces of the cam and control a desired programme. Alternatively, the cam may be rotated.




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