The production of a housing portion of a semi-conductor device

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Siemens Ag
  • Publication Date: August 17, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1039505-A


1,039,505. Welding by pressure. SIEMENSSCHUCKERTWERKE A.G. May 4, 1964 [May 4, 1965], No. 18832/65. Heading B3R. [Also in Division H1] Part of a housing for a semi-conductor device is produced by placing the perpendicular end face of a tubular housing part on an inclined surface of a base-plate and welding the end face and surface together by a process analogous to projection welding. In a specific embodiment, a frustoconical base-plate 6 mounted on a pedestal 10 supports a p-Si device 8 soldered to a pedestal 7, the device 8 having a lead 9 thereto. A cylinder 1 having a glass insulating body 2 mounted therein and a metal sleeve 3, is pressed down on to the inclined surface of base-plate 6 and welded thereto by electric resistance welding. The sleeve 3 may be closed off by resistance welding. The inclined surface is not necessarily straight but may be concave or convex. Electrical connection may be made to 10 by means of a stud or screw-thread thereon.




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