A mechanism operable from an alternating drive to cause a member to execute a compound motion

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Floyd Edward Smith
  • Publication Date: July 27, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1037422-A


1,037,422. Combined rotary and reciprocatory motion. F. E. SMITH. April 30, 1963 [April 30, 1962], No. 17003/63. Heading F2Q. In a device 10, e.g. for workpiece transfer on a production line, a reciprocating drive rod 16 acts through a cam 21 and pivoted follower 22 to move a shaft 15 axially, and simultaneously through a rack 19 and pinion 20 and a pin and slot lever system 31, 32, 35, 34 to rotate the shaft 15, which carries a workpiece arm 12. The hollow lower portion of the shaft 15, Fig. 7, contains a spring 48 which acts on a cross-pin 49 projecting through slots 47 of the shaft to engage a thrust bearing 50, to urge the base nut 29 of the shaft against a roller 28 of follower 22. Axial travel of the shaft 15 is limited by an adjustment nut 42 and lock nut 44 on a threaded portion 40 of the shaft. A pin 36 on the lever 34 engages bushes 38 in lugs 39 of the casing 11 to locate the shaft 15 at the extremities of its rotary movement. A guide roller 65, Fig. 7, holds the rack 19 in engagement with pinion 20. The reciprocating drive rod 16 may be replaced by a rotary drive to an extension of the pinion shaft 30, and the levers 31, 34, or the rack and pinion 19, 20 may be replaced by alternative linkages.




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