Charging hole lid lifting mechanism for coke oven batteries

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Koppers Gmbh Heinrich
  • Publication Date: June 29, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1034136-A


An electromagnetic charging hole lid-lifting mechanism for coke oven batteries comprises a telescopic lifting rod 12 and a drive mechanism 29, 30 adapted to rotate the rod 12 and hence a lid 4 supported by a magnet 5 on the rod 12, the magnet being connected to the rod by centering pins 8 of relatively small free cross-section which extend into apertures 17 of relatively large free cross-section, the pins 8 assuming a position providing concentric rotation of the lid 4 engaged by the magnet 5. Lateral movement between the magnet parts 5...7 and the base parts 11, 13, 14 of the rod 12 is permitted by balls or rollers 10, the apertures 17 being in a plate 15 attached to a ring 13. The pins 8 have rollers 9,(see also Fig. 2, not shown). The rod 12 is in two parts 12a, 12b keyed together to permit relative vertical motion but to prevent relative rotation, the <PICT:1034136/C4-C5/1> part 12a being raised and lowered by a lever 21 connected to a slidable bushing 23 which engages a flange 23a fixed to the part 12a. A set of rods 12 adapted to be rotated by a common drive means may be disposed on a charging ear.




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