Improvements relating to the detection of vibration in gas turbine engines


1,032,185. Bearings. ROLLS-ROYCE Ltd. June 30, 1964, No. 27067/64. Heading F2A. [Also in Division G1] A shaft 13, carrying a compressor and/or a turbine of a gas turbine engine, is rotatably mounted in a roller bearing 14 in an outer race 15 secured to an inner casing 12 of the engine by a sleeve 16 divided effectively into a plurality of resilient bars by axial slots 17 so that vibration and orbiting are permitted with respect to the casing 12. The race 15 is connected by a pushrod 22 to an armature 21 forming part of an electrical pick-up or a differential transformer mounted outside an outer casing 11 to enable serious vibration to be detected outside the engine.




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