Modular circuit assembly

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Amp Inc
  • Publication Date: May 18, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1030066-A


1,030,066. Circuit assemblies. AMP Inc. July 15, 1964 [July 17, 1963], No. 29037/64. Heading H1R. [Also in Division H2] A moulded resin frame 10, for supporting a plurality of circuit modules 54, comprises frame members 12 sandwiched between a base-plate 14 and a cover plate 16 defining a plurality of recesses 20. Each row of recesses 20 has therein an insulating panel 38 bearing parallel conductors 40. Blade-shaped contacts 36 are clinched underneath panels 38 by tags 44 and are soldered to conductors 40 by tabs on contacts 36 which pass through apertures in panels 38. Contacts 36 comprise further tabs 34 which protrude beyond the frame 10 and are connected, e.g. into a circuit comprising magnetic storage cores; alternatively, tabs 34 may be bent for connection with a printed circuit panel replacing base 14. Common tabs 48, for earthing or shielding, are also connected to appropriate conductors 40. Each module 54 comprises an insulating housing 58 containing a plurality of diodes 56 and closed by cover-plates 60. Integral with housing 58 are a handle 66 and a plug member 64, the latter comprising parallel grooves 68 accommodating resilient channel-shaped female contacts 70 which engage blade-shaped contacts 36 when plug member 64 is inserted in a recess 20 in frame 10. Tabs 78 on contacts 70 are connected to diodes 56.




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