Improvements in or relating to Electrolytic Gas Generators.


102,933. Levin, I. H. Dec. 20, 1915, [Convention date]. Hydrogen and oxygen, obtaining; cells; diaphragms; electrodes; electrolytes, treating non- chemically; metals, removing.-A cell tor the generation of oxygen and hydrogen is composed of dished integral or built-up end plates 15, Fig. 5, with or without intermediate annular sections 16. These parts, which do not form electrodes and n ay be protected by paint or varnish, are preferably flanged. Between them are secured by soldering, brazing, welding, riveting, interlocking seams, &c., one or more partial partitions 18 comprising upper parts 19 forming gas chambers, and narrow side pieces 24. Asbestos or other diaphragms 25 are attached to the partitions by fillets 26, or may be supported by independent frames. Narrow gaps are preferably left below the diaphragms. Electrode plates 35 are held partly by rigid strips 42 passing through insulating-material in the top of the cell, and partly by feet 36 bent at rightangles and wrapped in insulating-material before insertion in undercut grooves in cross-pieces 39 at the bottom of the cell. Angle-irons 40 secure the ends of the cross-pieces. Through the top of the cell pass gas-outlet pipes 23, and water-supply pipes 44 leading from a trough 47. At their inner end, the supply pipes are bent upwards and fitted with nozzles of smaller diameter. Escape of gas is thus prevented, except when the pressure becomes excessive. The electrolyte may contain caustic potash or sulphuric acid. The Specification as open to inspection under Sect. 91 (3) (a) also states that one or both electrodes may be made of cobalt, or a cheaper metal coated with cobalt by electro-plating or rolling. Preferably, such an electrode is employed as anode with a cathode made of, or coated with, iron; an iron plate electroplated with iron is advantageous. Before use, the electrodes may be connected as anodes in solutions of salts of the respective metals, to remove a small amount of metal. Reduced electric pressure may then be used in the gas-generator. This subject-matter does not appear in the Specification as accepted, but forms the subject of Specification 108,477.




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