X-ray apparatus


1,029,208. X-ray apparatus. WESTING- HOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION. Oct. 17, 1963 [Nov. 26, 1962], No. 40991/63. Heading H5R. In X-ray apparatus, for observing internal organs which would otherwise be obscured by bones &c., the X-ray source 5 (Fig. 1) can be moved transversely with respect to the image produced on a film 7 or screen 8 above the X-ray table 1, and in such a way that the X-ray beam is always directed to the same spot on the film or screen. The X-ray source, a tube 5 having a cone 5a (Fig. 2) is mounted on the bottom 40 of the integral member 36, 40, 23, which is pivotally supported by pin-and-roller means 21 and 45. The pivot 21 can run along a slot 25 in a plate 22 which forms part of a cross-carriage 15 arranged to be movable sideways, and forward and backward, with respect to the patient table 1. The cross-carriage 15 supports the tower 10 which has a slot at the bottom along which the rear pivot 45 can travel. The tower 10 carries the film device 6, comprising a cassette 7 and a fluorescent screen 8. The device 6, has mounted at its rear, a plate 41, having rollers 43 between which the member 36 can move. In operation of the apparatus, the X-ray tube is moved sideways by means of a motor 28 which causes the nut 30, attached to the member 23, to move along the threaded shaft 29, thus tilting sideways the whole member 23, 40, 36 which carries with it the X-ray tube. At the same time, the pivots 21, 45 move in their respective slots and the plate 41 swings about its pivot 42 on the film device 6, the member 36 sliding down between the rollers 43. The angle of the member 36 is indicated on a transparent plate 50. The film device may be moved up and down the tower 10, guided by rollers 12, the plate 41 and member 36 keeping the X-ray source and the focus spot, on the film, aligned. Continuous fluorscopic examination may take place as the tube 5 moves sideways, producing a quasistereoscopic effect.




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