Improvements in or relating to slotted sleeves for driving into bores for connecting or stabilizing


1,028,664. Dowels. KALTWALZWERK C VOGELSANG G.m.b.H. Feb. 4, 1963 [Feb. 16, 1962], No. 1924/63. Heading F2H. [Also in Division A3] A sleeve rolled from steel strip to leave a longitudinal slot has in its outer surface depressions (which may be of pyramidal, conical or part-spherical shape) and is for driving into a bore, for connecting components or stabilizing ladies' shoe heels of plastics material. The depressions may have raised portions 5 at their bases, Fig. 3 (not shown), and these in turn may have depressions. The inside of the, sleeve may have depressions also.




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