Improvements in or relating to batteries for use in transporting poultry


1,028,641. Battery cages. UNICORN ENGINEERING CO. Ltd. April 30, 1964 [Feb. 8, 1963], No. 5339/63. Heading A1M. A battery for transporting poultry comprises a base 10, 11 mounted on swivel wheels 13 and supporting end frames 14 and intermediate frames 18, the frames 14, 18 having cross pieces 19 which serve as supports for shelves 20 which divide the battery into a series of compartments 24. Each compartment is closed by a door 25 comprising upper and lower bars 26, 27 and a grill 28, the door being hinged about the lower bar 27. Handles 31 facilitate movement of the battery, which may be adapted to be bolted to the floor of a lorry or trailer.




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