Improvements in or relating to air extraction apparatus for vehicles

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ferodo Sa
  • Publication Date: April 06, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1024752-A


1,024,752. Vehicle bodies. FRANCAISE DU FERODO S.A. Feb. 18, 1963 [Feb. 26, 1962], No. 6472/63. Heading B7B. [Also in Divisions Fl and F4] The space 5 between the radiator 2 and fan 3 of a front engined car forms a low pressure zone connected to the compartment by a structural member 15, a silencer 9 (see Division F1) and a perforated tube 6 located at the base of the rear window to extract air from the interior of the body. The structural member 15 is of U-section having its open side filled in with a metal strip and its ends plugged.




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