Photocopying machines


1,023,601. Photocopying apparatus. LAWES BROS Ltd. June 23, 1964 [June 26, 1963], No. 25414/63. Heading G2A. In a photocopying machine in which the original and copy sheet are conveyed together in contact round a translucent cylinder 1 housing a light source 2 by a number of separate endless bands 7 spaced along the length of the cylinder, the areas of the copy sheet registering with the bands is given a different degree of exposure from those areas registering with the spaces between the bands. As shown, this is effected by a comb plate 5 fixed to an air-duct 4 which is located within the cylinder 1, and which also carries a reflector 3. The comb plate has a castellated edge with cutaway'slots 6 corresponding to the spaces between the bands 7. Thus as the sheets are carried round the exposure cylinder, those areas passing below the slots 6 will receive more exposure than the remaining areas. It is stated that this differential exposure tends to eliminate the streakiness sometimes obtained with separate conveyor belts.




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