• Inventors: HALL ALAN FRANK
  • Assignees: Ici Ltd
  • Publication Date: March 09, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1022056-A


1,022,056. Riveted joints. IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd. Nov. 24, 1964 [Dec. 4, 1963], No. 47941/63. Heading B3U. A method of riveting comprises coating a metal rivet and/or coating the interior of a hole which is to receive the rivet, with a quantity of a viscous liquid curable resin in excess of that required to fill the space between the rivet and the interior surface of its hole, mating the rivet with the hole, closing the rivet and thereafter curing the resin. The resin is preferably one which does not change its volume by more than 0À2% on curing, and is stable at temperatures up to 300‹ C. for at least a few minutes. Suitable resins are available in the phenol formaldehyde, polyester and epoxy resin classes. The method is described with reference to the assembly of a blade of a radial flow impeller wheel to its shrouds.




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