Improvements in and relating to repair kits for tubeless tyres


1,021,630. Tubeless tyre repair kits. APESEAL Ltd. Dec. 23, 1964 [Feb. 20, 1964], No. 7117/64. Heading B7C. A tubeless tyre repair kit comprises a dispensing container 10, a reversible support 13 for an injection needle 14, and a cord or strand 4 of puncture sealing material helically coiled inside a refill cylinder 5 of synthetic plastics having a closure disc 6 spaced from one end of the cylinder and provided with an aperture for the cord or strand 4. The cylinder 5 may have near the disc 6 a bulge (Fig. 1, not shown) whereby it fits frictionally in the container. The disc 6 and a similar disc at the other end may be heatsealed to the cylinder wall.




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