Improvements in or relating to devices for coupling implements


1,021,219. Tractor power lift mechanisms. INSTITUT FUR LANDMASCHINEN UND TRAKTORENBAU. Sept. 5, 1964, No. 36483/64. Heading A1P. An arrangement for attaching an implement to the three-point linkage of a tractor comprises a frame 6 having an upper coupling mouth 9 to receive a pin 8 of an implement and lower coupling mouths 13 fixed to an arm 15 which is pivoted to the frame and movable normally through links 16. In operation the upper pin 8 is first engaged in mouth 9 and the mechanism is lifted until the implement comes to rest against shoulders on the guides 18. The lower mouths 13 are then raised to engage pins 14. The pins are secured in the mouths by latches.




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