Improvements in or relating to fluid sampling apparatus


1,019,959. Sampling liquids; delivering measured quantities of liquid. UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY. Oct. 2, 1964 [Nov. 12, 1963], No. 44593/63. Heading B8N. An apparatus for removing a sample of liquid from supply pipe 1 at a first pressure and then supplying it to a liquid outlet 7 at a second pressure comprises a conduit 5 leading from the pipe to the outlet and a flexible container 15 connected to the pipe between a pair of valves 8, 9, the container being pressurized by the liquid in dependance upon the setting of a resilient means 17. In order to remove a sample of pressurized liquid from the supply pipe, the valve 9 is closed and the valve 8 opened so that liquid flows, via an inlet 6 and conduit 5, into the container 15 thereby expanding it against the action of a spring 17; the spring may be replaced by a gas pressure means. The valve 8 is now closed and the valve 9 opened so that the liquid in the container flows under the spring pressure into a tank 3 at atmospheric pressure. The two valves 8, 9 may be actuated by electromagnets and controlled by an automatic device 10.




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