Electrical systems for road vehicles


1,018,202. Theft alarms. JOSEPH LUCAS (INDUSTRIES) Ltd. April 9, 1964 [Feb. 15, 1963], No. 6187/63. Heading G4N. [Also in Division F1] An electrical system for a vehicle comprises: an ignition switch 12 connected to a first path including a horn switch 13 and a horn 14, and a second path including a starter switch 11 and a starter solenoid 17; a relay 3 which when energized completes the circuit from the starter switch 11 to the starter solenoid 17 via contacts 6, 8, but which when de-energized breaks the starter circuit and completes a circuit from the starter switch 11 to the horn 14 via contacts 2, 5; a secret manual switch 18 for energizing the relay 3; and hold-on contacts 7, 9 for maintaining the relay energized. Attempts to operate the starter without first operating switch 18 result in horn 14 being sounded.




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