Cigar- or cigarette-holder with ejector and filter

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bofil S R L
  • Publication Date: January 05, 1966
  • Publication Number: GB-1015748-A


1,015,748. Cigarette holders. BOFIL S.r.1. Oct. 30, 1963 [Nov. 28, 1962], No. 42804/63. Addition to 991,289. Heading A2M. A cigar or cigarette holder provided with filter and ejector is made from three cooperating members. The first member comprises a stem B (Fig. 1) having a tubular appendix 60 closed by bored cap 62, the inside forming a long filter chamber containing filtering material D (e.g. of spongy resins). The second member, sleeve A, having a cigarette retaining socket 64 is inserted on appendix 60. The ends of a bent elastic blade 68 (Fig. 2) inserted in recesses 66 of socket 64 resiliently engage ledges 70 of the third member, sleeve C, sliding on socket 64. Blade 68 acting with sleeve C forms the ejector. Parts A and B may be made of synthetic material and are replaceable.




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